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pizza vending machine. there has to be some genius who can fuse them on to the end of our computers perhaps with a shovel who slides the pizza into our mouths. a cheery thought to leave you with. from cnn world headquarter in atlanta, this is "sunday early start." dams in immediate danger of failing after isaac. evacuations are underway. the lights are up, stage is set, the dnc coming to charlotte. we'll have a preview. green on blue attacks reaching a crisis point. now nato is taking action to prevent more troop deaths.
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it is sunday, september 2. good morning, everyone, i'm randi kaye. glad you're with us. we start with news of mandatory evacuations in st. tammany parish, louisiana. the latest problem caused by isaac. up to 2,000 people told to leave their homes because a canal lock in the pearl river is at risk of failing. that could flood entire neighborhoods. the river is practically overflowing, and it's not just the canal locks, water is about to overtop the banks in another part of the river, as well. that would flood 35 subdivisions. on the phone is george howell, on his way to the area this morning. george, tell us what you're seeing and what you expect to find there. >> reporter: what we know at this point, these officials say they have opened valves on lock two. they are optimistic. still unclear, you know, exactly what will happen with this river. keep in mind, again, that the
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flood stage is around 16 feet. the river at last we checked, around 18 feet. to release some valves, take pressure off the river. they're hoping that that will work. but as a precaution, they told everyone to get out of the way. as you mentioned, this mandatory evacuation we're talking about, you know, thousands of people, many homes that could be affected by this. they're trying to get people out of the way just to be safe. >> where are these people going, george? >> reporter: well, you know, people are going to stay with friends, going to shelters. doing what they can to stay out of the way of this river. it will be an hour-by-hour affa affair. we're going to watch, see what happens. it's expected to crest monday. so the waters definitely still rising. and you know, that's what you find throughout the area. you see several rivers that are swollen from all the rainfall from isaac. so keeping a close eye on several rivers. but this one in particular where
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this mandatory evacuation has been ordered. >> do we know how long the evacuation is going to last or when these folks might be able to get home? >> reporter: sure. well, you know, the time now should be monday. all of the water is still coming down this pearl river, shoots off the peace river. the main river. all of the water is coming down, going off to the pearl river. and we just have to watch this water as it continues to flow out toward the gulf. and that's the thing. monday should be the day we know, you know, what happens with this particular river. then i think people in the coming days will be able to return home optimistically. >> why is this happening now given that the storm hit days ago? >> reporter: sure. well, you know, when you think about the tributary system, you have all of this rainfall that accumulated over an extended amount of time from isaac.
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it's got to go somewhere. it's going down the rivers, and it's making the rivers swollen. we're seeing above flood stage in several different places. so not surprising that we're dealing with river situations after such a big rain event. >> george howell, appreciate that. stay safe getting there, as well. to politics now and the countdown to the democratic national convention. president obama keeping busy on the campaign trail by taking aim at mitt romney. we get more from cnn political editor paul steinhauser. now iowa, this is our first stop on the road to our convention in charlotte, north carolina. >> reporter: the president's first stop was sentimental. >> there was a reason for me to begin the journey here in iowa, where it first began. [ cheers ] >> more than four years ago. [ applause ] >> because it was you, iowa, who
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kept us going when the pundits were writing us off. >> reporter: today he's in colorado, the state where he was first nominated for president four years ago. as he's getting ready for his big speech, mr. obama's criticizing gop challenger mitt romney for offering up reruns at the republican convention. >> if you didn't dvr it, let me recap it for you. [ laughter ] >> everything's bad. it's obama's fault. and governor romney is the only one who knows the secret to creating jobs and growing the economy. >> reporter: while the president stumps in colorado, his wingman, vice president joe biden, campaigns in pennsylvania and wisconsin. the republican ticket's off the campaign trail today after teaming up yesterday in florida. saturday was kickoff day for college football. republican running mate paul ryan tailgated in columbus where his alma mater was playing ohio state. and romney talked sports to make his case. >> if you have a coach that's
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0-23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. [ applause ] >> it's time for america to see a winning season again, and we're going to bring it to them. >> reporter: we've also learned that mitt romney's going to be off the campaign trail for a couple of days this week to start preparations for debates. hare in charlotte today, we hear that protesters from the occupy movement will be marching, coming close to the time-warner cable arena behind me. it's going to be a busy day. security's starting to beef up big time in advance of tuesday's convention. >> and paul, looking ahead to this week and the kickoff of the convention, what does the schedule look like? >> reporter: it's a busy schedule. right off the bat on tuesday night, big speakers. first lady michelle obama, of course, will be speaking in primetime on tuesday night. you're going to get to know a
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lot more about julian castro, mayor of san antonio, texas. why will we get to know more about him? he's the keynote speaker. wednesday, former president bill clinton and a much-anticipated speech. thursday, we look to the time-warner stadium, where vice president joe biden and president obama will be speaking in primetime. >> all right. paul steinhauser, thank you very much. check back later this morning. the chief of staff for immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. is out of a job this morning. suzanne barr has resigned amid allegations she helped create a culture of sexual discrimination against men. it follows a discrimination lawsuit filed by new york's i.c.e. chief against the department of homeland security, james hayes. he says he was passed over for promotns in favor of less qualified women. he contends barr "created a frathouse-type atmosphere that is targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employees." federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused a plane to explode in front of
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thousands in iowa killing the pilot. everything started out normally with three planes flying in formation yesterday at the quad city air show. aw all of a sudden, one of the planes nose-dived into a field while attempting a 45-degree bank. >> uh-oh. >> uh-oh. >> no, no, no -- >> he's down! >> no! oh, no! >> witnesses watched in horror as the plane exploded into a giant fireball once it hit the ground. >> we saw two of them strip away like they were going to do another maneuver. the one was headed like back toward where it came from. and he went nose down into the ground and burst into flames. i was instantly in tears because i knew -- more than likely he didn't survive. >> the pilot hasn't yet been identified. officials temporarily halted the show for about an hour. in oregon, three people are recovering this morning after a mishap at a monster truck event. you're about to see video showing an out-of-control truck
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driving straight into the panicked crowd. [ screams ] >> wow. an onlooker captured video on his cell phone as the truck headed for a mud pit in front of the seating area. he says the driver immediately got out after the crash to see if anyone had been hurt. the driver says the rear wheels on his truck spun out in the mud and crashed through a barricade. a plan to add 12 million jobs. mitt romney making it a cornerstone of his post-convention campaign. but can the plan work? plus, controversy at the kickoff of college football season. t-shirts mocking penn state and the jerry sandusky scandal were seen at games across the country. you'll have to see these ahead. ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i can go anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today
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only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged. let's get back to politics and the economy. jobs to be exact. during his speech at the republican convention, mitt romney unveiled his plan to add 12 million jobs. he talked about the plan again yesterday during a stop in jacksonville, florida. >> i'm going to do five things. five things that are going to get th economy roaring back to life. i'm not just kidding about this. this is going to make a dramatic difference. number one, we're going to take advantage of our energy, coal,
3:12 am
oil, gas, nuclear, renewables. we'll have north america energy independence within eight years. that makes a big difference. [ apause ] >> number two, number two i'm going to fix our schools and make sure that training programs for adults work to give us the skills we need. we're going to make sure our kids and their teachers come first, and the teachers union comes behind. [ applause ] >> we're going to have trade that works for america. we're going to open up latin american markets and other around the world and crack down on cheaters like china when they steal american jobs unfairly. [ cheers and applause ] >> number four, we're going to do something you have to do if you're going to have entrepreneurs risk their life's savings to start a biness -- that's convince them we're not going to end up becoming like
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greece. for that we'll stop spending more than we take in. we're going to cut federal spending and get on track to a balanced budget. >> 12 million jobs. seems like an ambitious plan, but will it work? we have a look. >> reporter: moody's analytics said it's not a very high bar to set, 12 million jobs, that would just bring you back to maybe full employment. it's possible, he said, no matter which person is president. another economist, senior vice president of research at the committee for economic development, also told us it's possible under a second term for mr. obama. it's also possible under a first term for mitt romney. and mitt romney, to be clear, in his economic plan is clearly stating he would do this in the first four years of a romney presidency. history shows, he says, that a recovery rooted in policies contained in a romney plan will create about 12 million jobs in the first term of a romney presidency. here's the cold water, carol.
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an economist who we often talk about and interview says that congress holds the key here. if we go over the fiscal cliff in the beginning of the year, no matter who's president, two million jobs, up to two million jobs will vaporize. this is less about the policies of the president, economists tell me this morning, and more about whether congress derails this and messes it up. >> jobs will be a big focus this week, as well. the new numbers for august are expected on friday. it began with racial slurs and taunting and ended with this -- a man attacked while strolling through a georgia town with his girlfriend. why this is being called a hate crime. exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime.
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15 minutes past the hour. welcome back. let's check stories cross country. an interracial couple in georgia says they were the target of a violent attack. the woman says she was taunted, her boyfriend beaten by three men while walking to a party in savannah. she says it's because he's white and she's black. >> i don't want to go into like all the gory details, but they could have stopped, and they kept going. i hope they get caught, really. i hope justice prevails at the end of the day. this shouldn't happen in this day and age. i know we're in the south and all that, yadda ya, all that, it's time for a change.
3:17 am
>> the couple says this isn't the first time they've been targeted. north of the border now, police in quebec are on the hunt for the crafty thieves behind a massive maple syrup heist. they say someone stole $30 million worth of the sweet induence from a warehouse. police were called in when the workers noticed the barrels felt lighter than usual. and a day at the beach became a rescue mission for hundreds of residents in florida. a pod of pilot whales beached themselves along the ft. pierce coastline. 17 died, with rescuers not able to get them back into the water. among those killed were five babies. unclear why the whales beached themselves. experts believe they may have refused to leave a sick whale in their pod. some fans at penn state broke down in tears after the football team lost its first game of the season. not because of the loss itself but because they wanted to show they could overcome everything that's happened since last season. former assistant coach jerry sandusky, convicted of child sex abuse. head coach, joe paterno, apat
3:18 am
lawson mused -- accused and lost his job at penn state before passing away. we have more. >> reporter: in america, college football is king, penn state university considered one of the best. unfortunately, ten months ago, a university that was considered world class and excelled in academics and athletics had a stunning and swift fall from grace. to start a football season was to mark a new beginning, a new era. unfortunately, it starts with a stning and very disappointing loss. >> it's been an emotional year for us. and i mean, we were extremely happy to get out there and get to playing football. obviously we're not happy with the result. but we've got a lot of football left. got 11 games to go. and one game doesn't make or break a season. >> it was emotional for us and for everybody in the stadium. and you know, we have to keep going on here. hopefully, you know, i don't
3:19 am
know i hope, i know the support will be there. >> it meant a lot. i wanted to get on the field and play football again. you know, you can't really -- change what goes on between the white lines. i think it was good for the community and for all of us as players to get out again. >> reporter: not only has coach bri bill o'brien been faced with replacing legendary head coach joe paterno, he's faced incredible obstacles -- add one more to the list. after a stunning loss to ohio university, he must keep the spirits high among players and the penn state football community. joe carter, cnn, state college, pennsylvania. penn state may have lost its first home game, but that's not what people will be talking about today. when it comes to college football, some fans will do just about anything to prove their school loyalty. check this out. a t-shirt slogan is making its way across the internet. it reads, "i'd rather shower at penn state than cheer for the wolverines." that specific slogan refers to
3:20 am
the alabama-michigan game played last night. now similar shirts are showing up around the country for other rival universities, as well. we want to know what you think about this and what you think of these shirts, referring to the jerry sandusky and the penn state child sex abuse scandal. do you think they're crossing the line? i'd love to hear from you. tweet me, @randikayecnn. thank you. president obama's devious plan to downgrade america. it is the cornerstone of a popular new cservative documentary. i ask the filmmaker about his claims and what he assumes will happen over the next four years of an obama presidency if he's re-elected. ♪ [ male announcer ] its lightweight construction makes it nimble... ♪ its road gripping performance makes it a cadillac. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with advanced haldex all-wheel drive.
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in his speech at the republican convention, clint eastwood said republicans have plenty of fans in hollywood. shouldn't be surprising, then, that one of the top movies out is a conservative documentary. here's a look. >> obama has a dream. a dream from his father that the sins of colonialism be set right and america be downsized. >> it is called "2016: obama's america." the most popular political documentary of all time. i asked the producer why he thinks the movie is resonating with movie-goers. >> i think the documentary tells a riveting obama story. which is the story of a kid who was abandoned by his mom and his dad, who went on an odyssey to find himself. and the film is shot in hawaii, indonesia, kenya. i interviewed george obama, the
3:25 am
president's brother. there's a lot to that leaves people feeling that this is an eye-opening film. >> much of the film i thought was interesting is narrated by president obama himself with the audio version of his book, "dreams for my father." do you think it could be misleading for people who think that the president had a hand or participated in making this film? >> well, we haven't had a single person who think that. i think it gives a credibility and authenticity to the film. if you compare our film, with michael moore's "fahrenheit 9/11," that had conspiracy theories and dubious on the facts. our film follows obama's own journey and uses his voice at critical times. so it's hard to argue because you're getting the message from the horse's mouth. >> no doubt this film has its fans. it also has a lot of critics. a couple of key points in the film that i want to ask you about this morning. first, you say that the president wants to put americans deeper in debt. you point to the debt at $15 trillion now and say at this
3:26 am
rate we could be at $20 trillion by 2016. but look at numbers with me. the debt has gone up by around 50% during the obama presidency. it went up 86% under george w. bush and 186% under president reag reagan. so why is president obama's debt so much worse and intentional, as you say? >> well, remember that these percentages depend on the base. you know, for example, reagan's deficits were $200 billion. and that's a big number. but it's tiny compared to obama's number, even bush's highest deficit was half a trillion, $500 billion. obama's lowest deficit is $1 trillion. so obama has been adding debt at a sort of unsustainable level. and all i'm saying is we're a rich country, we can afford to be extravagant and even reckless. but at a certain point, you hit a tipping point. >> why would it be intentional?
3:27 am
>> i'm saying that if you look at obama's anti-colonial ideology, an ideology essentially of global redistribution, to redistribute wealth and power globally. look at what the effect of debt is. if our children and grandchildren have $20 trillion of debt and $10 trillion would have been added by one man, obama, then they have to pay it back. and a lot of that debt is owed to the kuwaitis, the saudis, the chinese. debt becomes a form of global redistribution over time. money ends up going outside of america and to the world. >> you say that the president is trying to level this global playing field. growing more super powers. what countries do you think he wants to be the new superpower? >> i think that obama would like to see china, brazil, india, and russia along with the united states share power. remember that the world before colonialism was like that. a world in which you had a number of big empires, the chinese, the indians, you had the empires of the americas.
3:28 am
you had -- so a western civilization was one among many. it's an odd swoiituation that a single country, america, dominates the world so much. we have an outside standard of living, an enormous military presence around the world so i think obama thinks that's globally unjust. he'd like to knock america off its pedestal so we're no longer number one. but we are just one nation among many sharing powers with other big countries. >> that was director of the controversial documentary "2016: obama's america." you can see the rest of the interview on our blog at also, many of you weighed in on this on twitter. keep those tweets coming to me, @randikayecnn. thank you for those. a possible big problem for pro football players as replacement refs take the field for the regular season kickoff. we'll look at the controversy and more. ♪
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welcome back. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm randi kaye. it is half past the hour. today we could see more flooding as a result of isaac. look at this river in louisiana's st. tammany parish. it is so swollen it could overflow its banks and even cause a canal lock to fail. that could floods of neighborhoods. up to 2,000 people have been ordered to evacuate. we have more about this, so what's the challenge, tom? >> the amount of rainfall, as we know, is just incredible. it takes a while for all the water to get down the area streams and tributaries. the pearl river is an area that we've seen a large amount actually. what they're doing here -- and we'll show you besides the video the google earth image. they are evacuating, as you mentioned, randi, thousands. now this is right along highway 41. highway 41 is built up almost like a levee itself. if you get in close, you see the
3:32 am
shaded area here in red. those -- all of the residents, those are the areas that are communities that are evacuating. this is mainly east of highway 41. they do believe that in between lock one and lock two, lock two's at the top of the screen this, that a failure at lock two is imminent. now you can imagine that all of the -- the past several years, all the engineers and athaekts built the world's -- architects that build the world's largest pumping system in new orleans had time to do that. now the engineers are faced with a problem immediately. >> our reporter, george howell, making his way there, told us the river was at 18 inches. that's a problem. >> i've got a graphic because they're forecasting what could be a big, big problem. in fact, the current stage is right there in the blue line. about 17 1/2. the horizontal orange is a problem area. however, anything above that is going to be big-time problems. and you see the forecast and the dots there on the graph. echoes up to a good 19. so they are definitely expecting above flood stage. so therefore, an imminent
3:33 am
problem with lock two. >> how long would it take for something like this to go down? >> you know, that's a great question. if -- >> i know you're not an engineer. putting you on the spot here. >> that's true. obviously for as long as it took the rain to move in, the several days, it's going to take that to go. the problem is always downstream. you're going to find this continuing to be an issue with more rain. they're still looking at isolated showers. and isaac is still churning in the ohio value. in fact, we've got -- we had 18 tornadoes, unconfirmed yesterday. maybe about 15 will be in parts of missouri, illinois, arkansas. we know that susan candiotti was in farmington yesterday. flash flood will be a problem in tennessee and kentucky. >> tom, appreciate the update there. thank you. >> sure. the chief of staff for immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. is out of a job this morning. suzanne barr resigned amid allegations she helped create a culture of sexual discrimination against men. the move comes after the head of
3:34 am
i.c.e.'s new york office filed a lawsuit against the department of homeland security alleging he was passed out for promotions in favor of less qualified women. in her resignation letter, barr called the allegations unfounded and without merit. hal david, the oscar and grammy-winning songwriter, has died. he wrote music in the '60s, but his simple, heartfelt lyrics are still known around the world today. here is just a sampling of some of his hits. ♪ the world needs now is love sweet love ♪ ♪ no not just for some but for everyone ♪ ♪ raindrops keep falling on my head and just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed ♪ ♪ nothing seems to fit ♪ i will love you forever and ever we never will part ♪ ♪ oh how i love you
3:35 am
together forever i always will be without you ♪ ♪ would only mean heartbreak for me ♪ >> so many great songs. a spokesman for the music association says david died in los angeles from complications of a stroke. he was 91. clark atlanta university's marching band has been suspended temporarily as a t deals with an investigion into hazing violations. a high school band replaced the university at the game. for its park, clark says there's no evidence that hazing or other foul play has happened. in oregon, three people are recovering this morning after a mishap at a monster truck event. watch this. [ screams ] >> an onlooker captured video on his cell phone as the truck headed for a mud pit in front of the seating area. he says the driver immediately got out after the crash to see
3:36 am
if anyone had been hurt. the driver says the rear wheels on his truck spun into -- spun out in the mud and crashed through a barricade. you ready for some football? the nfl season gets underway this week with the giants and cowboys playing wednesday. there is a cloud over the season and it is dressed in black and white. cnn's mark mckay explains. >> reporter: as another nfl season get ready to kick off, disaster could be right behind. >> correction on the reporting of the foul. both teams -- both fouls were on the kicking team. five-yard penalty. >> reporter: the nfl and its referees have been in a labor dispute ever since the last collective bargaining agreement expired three months ago. the nfl locked out the referees and hired replacements called from the lower levels of college football, as well as the high school ranks. though the nfl continues to provide on-the-job training for officials, the results have been mixed with some embarrassing moments that could put the
3:37 am
credibility of the league at stake. >> we just hope that these official know the rules, know how to enforce them, and can keep the game under control and -- keep order. >> reporter: there are 121 nfl referees. they're considered part-time employees who have other careers outside the nfl. last year, officials were paid an average of $149,000 plus benefits. >> the nfl referees want a raise in that salary, and make no mistake, they're requesting a significant raise. they want more -- to more than double that over five years. the nfl is countering with annual raises over the next seven years of 5% to 11%. there's quite a distance between those. there's also some issues about pensions and a few other things. the end of the day, the problem is financial. >> reporter: the nfl players association has criticized commissioner roger goodle and the league saying they're
3:38 am
jeopardizing player safety by using inferior referees. >> on the whole, it's in the back of our minds a concern because like we've said before, these referees have never refereed in an nfl season game. that's a concern. >> reporter: laws are only as good as their enforcement really. and in this case if players sense that they can get away with something, helmet-to-health mitt hi met hits, they will take advantage of that. it's the perception that the nfl is not doing everything it can to protect players playing a dangerous game. >> reporter: the first week of games could determine which side get the upper hand in negotiations. if the games come and go without incident, the nfl will continue using replacements, and the locked out referees will continue to lose paycheck. if not, the outrage from fans, coaches, and players will put pressure on the league to get a deal done. >> that was cnn's national pama.
3:39 am
coming up, i'll talk with former nfl star tiki barber about the impact of replacement refs and player safety. you may not have heard of julio castro, but after the dnc, everyone will know the name of the mayor and rising political star. more in this week's "most intriguing people." . scientists warn the only way to eliminate a complete global food shortage is to eat more of these. why naysthey say vegetarianism the only answer. on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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paralympics. a 37-year-old texas mayor is this year's rising star at the dnc. and a former navy s.e.a.l. writes the tell-all of the year. but it may have him in hot water with the pentagon. nadia bilchik joins me to discuss this week's most intriguing people. >> good morning. and randi -- >> i was going to start with first, martine wright. she lost both legs in the london terror attack in drive, and now she's competing. >> that's right. every paralympic has an extraordinary story. she has one, too. she lost both legs in the london bombing, 2005. she also lost 75% of her blood. >> my goodness. >> after that, during recovery and rehabilitation, she started to learn various sports. there was sitting volleyball. in this paralympics she'll be playing sitting volleyball. after losing both legs beneath the knee, she got married, has a child. she says something about all the athletes because think about it, every single one who's lost
3:44 am
limbs, who's disabled, each has their story. she says we all have different stories and different histories. we are united in what life has dealt us. anything is possible. >> wow, what an inspiration she is. speaking of inspiration, as well, san antonio mayor julian castro, the keynote speaker at the dnc starting this week. tuesday. the speech that launched president obama into the big spotlight. does he have anything in common? >> a lot in common with obama. he went to stanford and then harvard like obama. he was also raised by a single mother. equally intriguing is rosie castro. the mother of julian and his twin, joaquin. and joaquin, running for congress, will introduce julian. and he will introduce obama. when he met obama he looked so young, he said, is he an intern? he's not so young but 37. he says at the speech he will talk about san antonio as the --
3:45 am
what he calls at the united states of tomorrow. and he promises us he will not be talking to a chair. >> well, that's good. hopefully not. all right. now this next guy on your list, he could be in hot water with the pentagon, right? the navy s.e.a.l. writing this tell-all book about the bin laden raid? >> i know you've had people on discussing his motives. he's interesting. matt bisonet, aka mark owen, author of "no easy day: the firsthand accounts of the mission that killed osama bin laden." he grew up in a remote alaskan fishing town. he learned things like ice fishing. at that point he's known as an exceptional athlete and exceptional person. he studied sociology at the evangelical christian college in south california. when he joined the navy in 1999, he was part of a huge amount of special operations including the capture of captain phillips. i don't know if you remember, the american captain that was captured by somali pirates -- >> that's right. >> since then he's won many
3:46 am
awards. had he retired in 2018, he would have retired with the utmost of security clearance, giving him access to enormous numbers of security jobs. why he chose to do this not sure. we know he is a registered republican in alaska. so was the timing interesting remain to be seen. i know you're having lots of discussions. >> we are. getting so much attention. so it's supposed to come out tuesday. nadia, thank you. happy birthday. >> oh, thank you. >> don't you have any connections? you couldn't get your buffirthd off? >> we get more something. people say we don't change, i say yes, but there's some advantage. i see in all of us, we become much more fascinating. >> are you aging wonderfully. happy birthday. thank you for working on your birthday. veggies not your favorite food group? you may want to get used to them. as drought spreads, the global supply of meat is dwindling. you in scientists say we could run out completely as early as 2050. an extra two billion people expected to be alive by then. experts say eating more veggies
3:47 am
now will ensure enough water is available to grow food in the future. the ultimate brew from the nation's most famous house. we know the secret to the president's favorite suds. so what is it? let's just say it's something pretty simple.
3:48 am
new this morning, nato officials say they are suspending training of about 1,000 new recruits for the afghan local police and are revetting all the current police to make sure they're not linked to the insurgency. this comes after a series of attacks where afghan security forces or people disguised as such have turned their guns on nato soldiers, many of whom were american.
3:49 am
more than 40 people have been killed this year in attacks like this. people are outraged and worried over the so-called green-on-blue attacks. cnn military analyst, general james spider marks is joining us to talk about this. good morning. how do these attacks affect the exit plan for afghanistan do you think? >> i think most importantly now that we have shut down the recruiting or at least suspended the recruiting operation for afghans to move into both military and law enforcement roles, local police roles, logically you would assume that that would extend the amount of time for the afghan forces to build up and have the appropriate numbers that allow us to start our exit. but i think we've established a date certain in terms of when we want to depart as opposed to establishing conditions that would facilitate that departure. it could extend the amount of time we're there, or it could be that we departed, we just don't have a sufficiently large and trained afghan force. >> yeah.
3:50 am
which would really be an unfortunate experience if that was the case. >> absolutely. >> the "washington post" is reporting gnat troops are being told to stay away from afghan troops in vulnerable situations such as when they're sleeping, eating, exercising as a way to reduce the risk of an attack. is that really the solution do you think? >> well, that's part of a multi-pronged approach toward getting at the problem. clearly, that helps. it's a bit counterintuitive when you're trying to build teams. you want to spend as much time together. that's afghans and u.s. or other nato forces. so it kind of goes against the nature of how you coalesce and build teams and get them prepared for next missions and to increase trust. the challenge with that now as we've seen is that the vetting process -- let's be frank, the vetting process has been exceptionally well executed. the problem is there have been a number that have gotten through and have been motivated to carry out these green-on-blue attacks.
3:51 am
so that causes great concern. so you can't throw the baby out with the bath water. but you can modify the type of behavior that you have on the bases in between operations. >> let's talk about this new book coming out on tuesday. it's getting a lot of attention, written by a former navy s.e.a.l. detailing the raid that killed osama bin laden. some fear that the release of this book could actually inspire terrorists to target navy s.e.a.l.s. what do you think of this book being written, and what do you think about that? >> well, the fact that -- let me address the second or the first question. the fact that navy s.e.a.l.s. might be targeted, there might be some type of revenge attacks, clearly that could be a possible outcome. but you can't -- you can't control that. what you can control is the fact that this incredibly talented sea s.e.a.l. who's a great patriot, published this book without getting the authorities to do
3:52 am
did and without the appropriate redaction. the fact that the mission he was on was a classified mission, classified by the cia. not the department of defense. this was a cia operation. so only the cia had the authority to declassify information that might be in that book. now the author would say it doesn't have any of that classified information. but it's not his authority to designate that. >> certainly against the code of conduct, it sounds like. >> certainly against his nondisclosure agreement that says you can't talk about this, you can't talk about this forever. i mean, i still have a security clearance and have access to information that took place years ago that i might think could be declassified, but it's not my authorization, i don't have the authority to do that. >> general james "spider" marks, great insight. thanks for being here. >> thank you. we asked what you thought the shirts mocking penn state's sex scandal. your responses next. at usaa, we believe honor is not
3:53 am
exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you. visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different.
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the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm p. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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3:56 am
let the brewing begin. the white house has just released its beer recipes. beer enthusiasts were clamoring for it, believe it or not. one group even filed a freedom of information request to get the ingredients. no white house chef, sam cass, has posted two of the recipes on the white house's official web page. you can make white house honey ale and white house honey porter at home. the secret is honey taken from beehives on the south lawn of the white house. i don't think you'll be able to get access to that honey. but you can find your honey somewhere. earlier we asked what you
3:57 am
thought about these t-shirts mocking penn state's sex scandal to insult rival schools. travis warren tweeted -- funny and true, but we will find a way to make ourselves hate it because we have an obligation to be overly sensitive. amy writes this -- i think it's disgusting and out of line. patricia tweeted -- it shows the mentality that perpetuated the predator nature of the penn state crimes and the ensuing denial. disgusting. we want to know what you think of these t-shirts. they're referring to the jerry sandusky and penn state child sex abuse scandal. are they crossing the line? tweet me @randikayecnn this morning. thank you for being with us. cnn "sunday morning" starts right after this. everyone has goals.
3:58 am
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